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Data Quality: The Accuracy Dimension
출판사 : Elsevier
저 자 : Olson
ISBN : 9781558608917
발행일 : 2003-01-09
도서종류 : 외국도서
발행언어 : 영어
페이지수 : 300
판매가격 : 34,000원
판매여부 : 재고확인요망
도서사이즈 :
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   Data Quality: The Accuracy Dimension 목차
Pt. I Understanding Data Accuracy 1
Ch. 1 The Data Quality Problem 3
Ch. 2 Definition of Accurate Data 24
Ch. 3 Sources of Inaccurate Data 43
Pt. II Implementing a Data Quality Assurance Program 65
Ch. 4 Data Quality Assurance 67
Ch. 5 Data Quality Issues Management 80
Ch. 6 The Business Case for Accurate Data 103
Pt. III Data Profiling Technology 119
Ch. 7 Data Profiling Overview 121
Ch. 8 Column Property Analysis 143
Ch. 9 Structure Analysis 173
Ch. 10 Simple Data Rule Analysis 215
Ch. 11 Complex Data Rule Analysis 237
Ch. 12 Value Rule Analysis 246
Ch. 13 Summary 255
App. A Examples of Column Properties, Data Structure, Data Rules, and Value Rules 260
App. B Content of a Data Profiling Repository 272
References 279
Index 283
About the Author 294
   도서 상세설명   

Data Quality: The Accuracy Dimension is about assessing the quality of corporate data and improving its accuracy using the data profiling method. Corporate data is increasingly important as companies continue to find new ways to use it. Likewise, improving the accuracy of data in information systems is fast becoming a major goal as companies realize how much it affects their bottom line. Data profiling is a new technology that supports and enhances the accuracy of databases throughout major IT shops. Jack Olson explains data profiling and shows how it fits into the larger picture of data quality.

* Provides an accessible, enjoyable introduction to the subject of data accuracy, peppered with real-world anecdotes.

* Provides a framework for data profiling with a discussion of analytical tools appropriate for assessing data accuracy.

* Is written by one of the original developers of data profiling technology.

* Is a must-read for any data management staff, IT management staff, and CIOs of companies with data assets.

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