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Essential Principles of Image Sensors
출판사 : CRC
저 자 : Kuroda
ISBN : 9781138074170
발행일 : 2017-3
도서종류 :
발행언어 :
페이지수 : 192
판매가격 : 89,000원
판매여부 : 재고확인요망
주문수량 : [+]수량을 1개 늘입니다 [-]수량을 1개 줄입니다

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   Essential Principles of Image Sensors 목차

Table of Contents
Preface to English Version

Preface to Japanese Version


Task of Imaging and Role of Image Sensors

Factors Constructing Image Information

Image Sensor Output and Structure of Image Signal

Monochrome Still Images

Color Still Images

Color Moving Images

Functional Elements of Image Sensors


Device Elements and Circuits for Image Sensors

Device Element Components

Foundation of Silicon Device Physics


MOS Structure

Buried MOS Structure



Buried Photodiode/Pinned Photodiode

Silicon as a Photosensitive Material

np Photodiode on p-Type Substrate

npn Photodiode on p-Well

Circuit Components

Floating Diffusion Amplifier

Source Follower Amplifier

Correlated Double Sampling Circuit


Major Types of Noise in Image Sensors

Amplitude of Noise

Circuitry Noise (kTC Noise)

Transistor Noise

1/f Noise

Thermal Noise

Random Telegraph Noise

Shot Noise

FDA Noise Reduction by CDS


Integration Period and Scanning Mode

Progressive Mode

Interlaced Mode

Electronic Shutter Mode

Types of Image Sensors

CCD Sensors

Principle of CCDs

Pixel Technology of IT-CCD

Vertical Overflow Drain Structure

Depleted Photodiode and Transfer Mechanism

Buried Photodiode/Pinned Photodiode

Progress of CCD Sensor

MOS Sensors

Principle of MOS Sensors

Pixel Technology of MOS Sensors

Progress in MOS Sensors

CMOS Sensors

Principle of CMOS Sensors

Pixel Technology of CMOS Sensors

Progress in CMOS Sensors

Noise Reduction Circuits in Analog Output Sensor

Digital Output Sensors

Sensitivity Improvement Technology

Lightguide (Lightpipe)

Backside Illuminated Sensors

Front Side Illuminated Sensor

Organic Sensors

Electronic Shutter

Electronic Shutter of CCD Sensors

Electronic Shutter of MOS and CMOS Sensors

Comparison of Situation and Prospects of Each Sensor Type


Impacts of Digitization by Built-In Coordinate Points on Image Information Quality

Sampling and Sampling Theorem

Sampling in Space Domain

Sampling in Time Domain

Sampling in Wavelength Domain and Color Information


Technologies to Improve Image Information Quality

Light Intensity Information


Dynamic Range

Space Information

Time Information

Frame-Based Sensors

Imaging Modes

Event-Driven Sensor

Color and Wavelength Information

Single-Chip Color Camera System

Multiband Camera System

Hyperspectral Imaging System


Imaging Systems

Deteriorating Elements of Image Information Quality

Signal Processing

Defect Correction, Brightness Correction

White Balance


Color Conversion

Color and Tone Matching

Noise Reduction

Edge Enhancement

Image Format

Problem of DSP Correction Dependence Syndrome

Three-Chip Color Camera System


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Providing a succinct introduction to the systemization, noise sources, and signal processes of image sensor technology, Essential Principles of Image Sensors discusses image information and its four factors: space, light intensity, wavelength, and time. Featuring clarifying and insightful illustrations, this must-have text:

Explains how image sensors convert optical image information into image signals
Treats space, wavelength, and time as digitized built-in coordinate points in image sensors and systems
Details the operational principles, pixel technology, and evolution of CCD, MOS, and CMOS sensors with updated technology
Describes sampling theory, presenting unique figures demonstrating the importance of phase
Explores causes for the decline of image information quality
In a straightforward manner suitable for beginners and experts alike, Essential Principles of Image Sensors covers key topics related to digital imaging including semiconductor physics, component elements necessary for image sensors, silicon as a sensitive material, noises in sensors, and more

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